Dispute Resolution Services

Delivering collaborative, accelerated and cost-effective solutions to create clarity and closure for all clients.

Challenging traditional dispute
resolution processes


Ansr. will work with you and your existing trusted advisor to identify your legal rights and entitlements as well as the real issues underlying your dispute, with your needs, interests and ultimate objective always being the focus.


With the support of your existing trusted advisor, Ansr. will recommend what, if any, further resources or information may be required to enable informed discussions and negotiations.


Once equipped with all necessary resources and information, Ansr. will work with you and your existing trusted advisor to develop a strategy before guiding you through a dispute resolution pathway that seeks to achieve your identified objective.


Ansr. delivers interests-focussed and durable outcomes by guiding clients through recommended dispute resolution pathways and ensuring agreed terms are formally documented and implemented.

Ansr. works with clients and their existing trusted advisors to achieve timely and cost-effective outcomes by utilising years of legal experience, and by adopting proven negotiation techniques and dispute resolution processes. These processes:

  • Involve streamlining and expediting steps that can take months (if not years) and become extremely expensive when following traditional litigation models
  • Introduce specialist and expert advice and support much earlier and only where necessary
  • Enable parties to make fully informed decisions before and during their chosen dispute resolution process
  • Allow parties to control costs, timing, the environment in which any negotiations take place and ultimate outcomes
  • See parties resolve their disputes earlier with reduced financial strain, personal stress, interruption to business and impact on relationships
  • Are designed to generate flexible and mutually acceptable terms of settlement resulting in durable outcomes
  • Equip parties with the tools they require to embark on litigation in the unfortunate and unlikely event that their dispute remains unresolved