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Drawing on years of experience in advising and representing business owners, directors, partners, shareholders and trustees in respect of their statutory and fiduciary duties, and by applying proven dispute resolution techniques and processes (including peer- and self-review and mediation where necessary), Ansr. can work with you to resolve disputes, create alignment and establish policies and procedures within your organisation to overcome and reduce events of conflict moving forward.

Corporate boards and partnerships are commonly made up of individuals with vastly different cultural backgrounds, personal experience, professional expertise, belief systems, values and ways of thinking and working. It therefore comes as no surprise that disputes arise at board and partnership level on a regular basis, even where all involved are doing their best to meet their responsibilities by making decisions that they consider to be in the best interests of their business or organisation.

Although most organisations have policies to address complaints and disputes involving clients, customers, members, staff and other key stakeholders, policies and procedures for resolving conflict at board and partnership level are far less commonplace. Further, there is an inherent reluctance of boards and partnerships to recognise and deal with internal conflict as doing so may require highlighting particular sensitivities or shortcomings of individual board members, acknowledging past failings of the board or partnership, or be considered an unwanted distraction preventing an organisation from getting on with the work that it has been charged to perform.

The same can be said of family businesses where historical events, the introduction of new family members and the need for succession planning all lend themselves to challenging dynamics, divergent expectations and ultimately conflict.

This can lead to very dangerous territory for any organisation or business where unresolved conflict will inevitably undermine the performance of those making the decisions, and trickle down to adversely impact the performance and culture of an organisation or business as a whole.

Clarifying roles, ensuring an alignment of values and expectations and regulating behaviours, reporting lines, powers of delegation and the flow of information are paramount to the successful operation of any business. Understandably, such matters are often overlooked or not considered a priority when there is “more important” work to be done.

Whether you be the owner or operator of a business, or sit on a board or partnership in which conflict exists, Ansr. offers tailored dispute resolution solutions that will help your business or organisation get back on track.

Separately, but importantly, Ansr. also offers consulting services and support to boards and management of private companies, trusts, SME’s, family businesses and not-for-profit organisations and associations who do not have the means to engage in-house counsel or to seek periodical legal advice. In this role, Ansr. delivers ongoing advice and support on governance, risk management and general commercial law issues with the benefit of knowing your organisation and its people inside and out.

“In my dealings with Stephen Dickinson, I have been impressed by his capacity to understand the whole issue, both legal and human, articulate available options and bring a skilful focus on dispute resolution by the setting and carrying out of strategy; often with innovative thinking.”

Hugh McPharlin

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