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Ansr. is here to guide clients and their advisors towards achieving interests-focussed outcomes, not to perform hours upon hours of work advising clients on their legal rights and entitlements, engaging in contested legal argument and in preparing cases that are unlikely to proceed to Court.”

– Stephen Dickinson, Ansr. Dispute Resolution

Unlike traditional law firms, Ansr. does not charge by the traditional six-minute unit. You and your trusted advisor therefore need not worry that “the clock is ticking” each time you or they pick up the telephone or press send on an email. Ansr. has been established to deliver accelerated, streamlined and cost-effective solutions to clients in dispute.

One way Ansr. seeks to achieve this is by allowing clients and their existing advisors to perform much of the work that is necessary to prepare for productive negotiations. Ansr. also encourages clients and their trusted advisors to control the nature, timing and amount of work that Ansr. is asked to perform by providing Ansr. with a costs budget, responding to Ansr.’s regular fee estimates, or simply keeping the lines of communication open.

It is important to us that clients feel in control of all aspects of their matter from the outset, including their expenditure. To achieve this, Ansr. offers the following simple and competitive schedule of fees:

Ansr. Dispute Resolution Services (including Mediation and Conciliation)

*Fees to be met equally by the parties

  • $2,000.00 plus GST for half day mediations (up to 5 hours)
  • $3,500.00 plus GST for full day mediations
  • $350.00 plus GST per hour for work performed outside of mediation (eg. reading time and pre-mediation meetings)

Ansr. Dispute Representation (including Mediation Advocacy)

  • $350.00 plus GST per hour

The above rates apply to all matters, notwithstanding the nature of the dispute or the financial means of clients.  It is difficult to provide accurate fee estimates to clients involved in disputes before taking detailed instructions and gaining a complete understanding of the nature and dynamics of a dispute, and the extent of support that may be required.

Ansr. Dispute Prevention & Management (including Board & Business Support, Major Project Support and Family Succession Support)

Please contact Ansr. for an estimate of our fees. Whilst Ansr. remains committed to delivering cost effective solutions for all clients, understanding the nature, scale and complexity of your business, organisation, project or personal  circumstances will allow us to develop and deliver tailor made solutions and corresponding fee estimates within any budgetary limits.

Fact Sheets

The following Law Society of South Australia Fact Sheets are made available to you pursuant to the Legal Practitioners Act 1981. Ansr. encourages you to read the Fact Sheets, and to contact Ansr. with any questions that you may have regarding your rights in relation to legal costs or your relationship with Ansr. generally.

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