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Ansr. was established to offer people and organisations who find themselves in dispute an alternative to traditional litigation and dispute resolution models by creating a platform that allows clients to draw on the support of their existing trusted advisors and to control all aspects of their chosen dispute resolution pathway, including how they wish to provide instructions and receive advice, the timing and context of any negotiations, how much time, resources and money they wish to invest and, most importantly, what the final outcome looks like.”

– Stephen Dickinson, Ansr. Dispute Resolution

Ansr. Dispute Resolution, Dispute Representation and Dispute Prevention & Management services are suitable for all types of people, businesses, organisations and disputes. Whether you are the CEO of a large organisation, a company director, a business owner, a landlord or tenant, an employer or employee, a project manager, a board member, a consumer or an aggrieved family member, and whether your dispute relates to money, property, business, reputation or the breakdown of a personal or professional relationship, the negotiation techniques and dispute resolution methods offered by Ansr. have a broad application and are likely to assist in resolving your dispute.

Ansr. invites you to complete and submit the Ansr. Online Instruction Form either online or by returning the form together with any further information and documents to resolve@ansr.com.au.

The Ansr. Online Instruction Form conveniently lists the details, information and documents that will enable Ansr. to form a preliminary view regarding your matter, including your legal rights and entitlements, before working with you and your trusted advisor(s) to develop an Ansr. Dispute Resolution Plan that is specific to your dispute and your needs.

When completing the Ansr. Online Instruction Form, we ask that you provide your contact details as well as those of your trusted advisor(s), and advise your preferred method of communication, including whether you would like to meet in person, consult by Skype (or a similar platform), speak by telephone or communicate in writing when providing your further instructions and receiving advice.

Ansr. is able to meet at the offices of your trusted advisor, your business or home, or any other location that is convenient to you. If you live, work or operate a business or organisation in regional South Australia or interstate and face-to-face meetings are necessary or preferred, Ansr. will endeavour to travel to your location without charging travel time and costs if and where possible, including by coordinating commitments with other clients and advisors in your region to allow for this.

Once Ansr. has reviewed your completed Ansr. Online Instruction Form and has taken your further instructions, an Ansr. Dispute Resolution Plan will be delivered to you detailing all relevant issues, identifying any further information, investigations and/or specialist advice you may require and recommending a pathway towards resolving your dispute.

If you would prefer to speak or meet with Ansr. before completing and returning the Ansr. Online Instruction Form, please send an email to stephen@ansr.com.au, or telephone Stephen Dickinson on 0414 456 474 to arrange a time that is convenient to you.


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